Agencies Remain Desperate Over Pre-Claim Despite Delayed Rollout
Having won a victory in their fight against the pre-claim review demonstration, home health providers and advocacy groups are calling for it to be suspended totally—while continuing to decry it as a historically bad program that threatens to drive a large number of agencies out of business. (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)

Caregiving in 2016
Family caregivers of older adults in the United States are spending significant chunks of time and money on caregiving, and employed caregivers are feeling the impacts at work, our annual Caregiver Journey for 2016 shows. (

Nursing Home Company’s Problems Pile Up In Georgia
A financially troubled company, which has closed five nursing homes in Georgia, one as recently as June, has been cited by federal regulators for multiple problems for a facility it still operates in Eastman. (Andy Miller/Georgia Health News)

Ochsner Will Follow Up Hypertension Pilot With COPD, Diabetes Efforts
Ochsner Health System in New Orleans has catapulted itself into the front lines of hospital innovation in the last few years as an early Apple HealthKit adopter, with its in-house "O Bar" app store. (Jonah Comstock/Mobihealth News)

Your Dog Can Make You Feel Better, and Here’s Why
Scientists believe that the major source of people’s positive reactions to pets comes from oxytocin, a hormone whose many functions include stimulating social bonding, relaxation and trust, and easing stress. (Marlene Cimons/The Washington Post)