The Dangers of Polypharmacy, and the Ever-Mounting Pile of Pills
Geriatricians and researchers have warned for years about the potential hazards of polypharmacy, usually defined as taking five or more drugs concurrently. Yet it continues to rise in all age groups, reaching disturbingly high levels among older adults. (Paula Span/The New York Times)

Home Health Approaching IMPACT Act Reporting Requirements
For more than 12,000 home health agencies, the first quality reporting measures begin January 1, 2017. (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)

Administration Says New Rules for Medicaid Will Improve Service for Enrolless
The Obama administration tightened rules Monday for private insurance plans that administer most Medicaid benefits for the poor, limiting profits, easing enrollment and requiring minimum levels of participating doctors. (Jay Hancock/Kaiser Health News)

Can the Uber-ization of Home Health Survive?
With the role of technology in health care ever expanding, new direct-to-consumer models that bring services to patients at home are piquing the interest of corporate venture capital (CVC) partners and other investors. (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)

How a Kentucky Woman Began a Second Life as a Bank Robber
Crystal Little had always been what she called “the fixer” of the family. She took care of her niece when no one else would. While her brothers got into increasing trouble—one landed in jail for a drug sentence—she took care of their debilitated mother. (Travis M. Andrews/The Washington Post)