Hearing Loss Can Creep Up on You Stealthily, With Disturbing Repercussions
An estimated 25 percent of Americans between ages 60 and 69 have some degree of hearing loss, according to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. (Marlene Cimons/The Washington Post)

Home Health Index Reaches Another All-Time High
Average market values of the three largest publicly traded companies in the home health industry hit a new all-time high in the most recent Stoneridge Partners Home Health Index. (Alana Stramowski/Home Health Care News)

Few Docs Ready for Risk Under MACRA
Hospital boardrooms are beginning to sound more like those on Wall Street, with talk of upside and downside risk, capitation and a hefty addition of new acronyms. (Shannon Muchmore/Modern Healthcare)

Elderly Patients In the Hospital Need to Keep Moving
At UAB Hospital-Highlands’ 26-bed geriatric unit, known as the Acute Care for Elders unit, or ACE, patients are encouraged to start moving as soon as they arrive. (Anna Gorman/Kaiser Health News)

Six Years Into Obama’s Health Care Law, Who Are the Uninsured?
Roughly 20 million more Americans have health insurance now than when President Obama’s health care law was passed in 2010. But as Mr. Obama prepares to leave office, there are still about 24 million adults with no coverage. (Abby Goodnough/The New York Times)