LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. (March 4, 2016)—Hollister Incorporated, a global health care products and services company, has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for General Urological Products with Premier, Inc. Effective March 1, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for General Urological Products.

“We are honored to be recognized by Premier for our urological product portfolio,” said Caroline Archibald, VP, United States & Canada, for Hollister Incorporated. “Hollister Continence Care offers a broad portfolio of options for bladder management beyond indwelling catheters. Our intermittent catheters range from quality straight and coudé catheters without lubrication or with a hydrophilic coating, to our innovative line of touch-free catheters with a protective tip and sleeve, including the recently launched VaPro Plus Pocket catheter.”

Broad Portfolio 
For the millions of people who use intermittent catheters, keeping their independence is everything. The VaPro Plus family of intermittent catheters are the only prehydrated and ready to use hydrophilic catheters with a protective tip and sleeve and an integrated collection bag. The VaPro Plus Pocket catheter in a compact package is designed to meet the needs of catheter users by providing ease of use, protection and discretion. This hydrophilic catheter is touch-free, allowing users to focus on what’s important to them and to stay independent.

Also available, Apogee catheters offer trusted quality and comfort at an affordable price. Apogee catheters are an excellent choice for the intermittent catheterization needs of many clinicians and patients. The Hollister Continence Care line also includes the Advance Plus family of touch-free intermittent catheters with an integrated gel reservoir and collection bag. Urine collection devices such as male external catheters and leg bags, which are designed for comfort and ease of use, are also available on the Premier group purchasing agreement with Hollister Incorporated.

Additionally, Hollister Incorporated offers education and services such as Secure Start services for catheter users. “Hollister Continence Care is fully committed to providing products, services and support to help health care professionals provide personalized patient care,” said Sal Mancini, VP of professional relations and clinical education. “Our complete line of quality products and services enables us to provide more comprehensive support to both health care professionals and the patients they serve every day.”