CHICAGO (December 4, 2018)—higi SH llc (higi), a population health enablement company that empowers consumers to measure, track and act on their health data, and Bridge Connector, which delivers streamlined integration solutions for health care organizations, have announced a new partnership.

This collaboration between higi and Bridge Connector will allow for seamless integration between higi health stations utilizing the Health Connect solution, and any electronic health record (EHR) or hospital system using Bridge Connector technology to engage with and manage patient data. It also opens the door to connectivity of the higi platform with providers, payers, employers, retailers and others looking to connect with and manage their patient data with real-time risk identification for care intervention and ongoing preventative programs.

“With over 52 million total users, higi is the leading health platform for engaging with consumers where they are. The power in our platform comes when we remove the friction between connecting the consumer with their trusted health care provider to allow the consumer to consent and share their data in real-time to enable additional touchpoints and timely interventions,” said higi CEO Jeff Bennett. “With Bridge Connector, we continue to make it easier for consumers to be their healthiest by making healthcare better connected.”

higi health stations are in 11,000 retail locations, community hubs and other points-of-care across the country and are instrumental in providing real-time biometric and health data nearly 1 million times per week. With the partnership, Bridge Connector can remove the time and cost barrier of limited IT resources within health care organizations in a secure way that is used by their trusted health care provider. This is a win-win for both consumers and their health care professionals.

“By partnering with higi, we are creating an ecosystem where consumers are finally being put at the center of their own care, enabling millions of patients—every year—to determine how their personal data flows,” said David Wenger, CEO and founder of Bridge Connector. “With easier access to their health information, they’re empowered to make more informed decisions, and this partnership furthers our vision for improving healthcare communication towards complete interoperability.”

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