Waterbury, Conn. (August 1, 2017)—Health Complex Medical, one of the leading respiratory care service providers in Connecticut, has launched a new brand position aimed at showcasing its expanded solutions for sleep therapy.

Collaborative sessions with its employees, discussions with physicians and patients and analysis of competitive positioning helped crystalize the branding—which includes a new logo, tagline, collateral system and outreach materials.

“Each audience told us that they place more value in the solution than just the service, the equipment or the supplies,” says Jack Hogan, president and CEO. “It became clear that Health Complex was seen as an extremely valuable partner who removes the difficulties associated with sleep and respiratory care—so when people turn to us, they know it’s all taken care of.”

“All Taken Care Of” serves as the new company tagline. The new logo features four repeated symbols in varying shades of green and yellow that together form a check mark. The symbols are intended to be an abstraction of both a medical icon and stars at night.

Health Complex has seen consistent growth due to its investment in sleep therapy solutions. In addition to a full range of sleep therapy products, the company features an In-House Customer Service Center, On-Site Acclimation Rooms and trained Sleep Therapists on staff. Health Complex now serves thousands of patients across the state in need of PAP-related services, as well as those requiring solutions for COPD and respiratory issues.

“Physicians and patients need someone to make the complex easy—and finding a solutions provider who can navigate through the ever-changing issues with equipment, supplies, setup and insurance can be difficult,” says Hogan. “Health Complex presents a singular resource for everything they need.”

Visit healthcomplexmedical.com for more information.