LOS ANGELES (April 28, 2022)—Heal, a provider of technology enabled, in-home care delivery, announced its development plan for a suite of key technology assets to further optimize its omni-modal solution to creating better health outcomes, treating senior patients in their homes and eliminating the pain points that primary care providers face each day. The suite will consist of 14 modules, three of which include Heal Pathway, a proprietary electronic health records software (EHR); Heal Arrival, a new logistics/routing platform utilizing AI/ML; and Pulse and Pulse +, an enhanced remote patient monitoring solution. All three of these platforms are substantially complete and are expected to be in broad use by yearend.

With over 260,000 patients served to date, Heal’s omni-modal solution leveraging doctor house calls, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring has proven to be effective in managing and treating senior patients’ health issues. The company is experiencing unprecedented growth of members choosing Heal as their primary care provider, increasing more than 100% since the start of the Medicare annual enrollment period in October 2021.

According to Sam Nuziale, Heal’s chief technology officer, “The decision to build these proprietary technology assets stems from the expected continuation of growth, the need to provide a delightful experience for providers, and the requirement to support the best value-based clinical care outcomes for our patients.”

In developing Heal Pathway, Heal’s EHR, the company’s technology team partnered directly with its physicians to develop the tools to solve the daily issues that they face, from burnout to spending too much time on mundane administrative tasks. To ensure provider satisfaction, Heal Pathway is extremely user-friendly and allows providers to focus on what they want to do most: advance the quality of care and spend more time getting to know their patients and their health needs. The EHR is the first of its kind, built specifically for in-home, value-based primary care. At a time when the nation is facing a healthcare worker shortage, Heal has tripled its number of primary care providers and continues to attract and hire new talent in the markets it serves. 

“We never intended to build an EHR; however, we realized that nothing existed in the marketplace today that could enable the type of care model that our patients need,” said Scott Vertrees, CEO of Heal. “By building a platform ourselves, we are able to combine all of our care into a single cohesive ecosystem that enables an extremely efficient and effective, high touch in-home model that truly elevates the quality of care delivered to our patients.”

To efficiently meet the surge in demand, the company has introduced Heal Arrival, its new logistics/routing software to ensure each provider’s time is optimized from patient to patient. 

“We are very pleased with the amount of patients that have enrolled into our service and are ensuring that providers are able to spend an ample amount of time for treatment. Heal Arrival exceeds industry standards for automated routing and dispatch capabilities, allowing a seamless experience for the scheduling team, while sophisticated algorithms run in the background to create an efficient route to deliver care,” said Vertrees.

Heal’s senior patients continue to appreciate the power of in-home primary care delivered by a highly qualified clinical team. In a recent survey of Heal members, nine out of 10 patients stated that they prefer the house call experience when compared to an in-office clinic setting. 

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