ALLENTOWN, Penn. (November 17, 2016)—Handicare, has announced its new Active seat system for its Freecurve stairlifts. Designed in collaboration with ergo- and physiotherapists, the Active seat gently supports the user’s movements while sitting down or standing up, making it much easier to get in or out of a stairlift seat.

Through the development of a patented spring system, which is discreetly integrated under the seat, the seat slightly tilts forward to gently push the user up thereby reducing his or her effort of getting out of the seat and significantly decreasing the strain on joints and muscles.

The seat is manually activated with the pull of a handle. Once triggered, the user simply puts his or her hands on the armrests to stand up and the Active seat will do the rest to push the user up, supporting the user’s movements the entire way. When sitting back down, Active Seat will similarly support the user until fully seated, it is in the locked position and ready for use.

As a built-in safety measure, the stairlift will not travel unless the spring system is locked into place. The user will hear an audible click to know it has been secured. Moreover, to ensure the right amount of support is provided, the spring system is available in a variety of different strengths based on the user’s weight to ensure a safe and comfortable transition in and out of the stairlift.

The Active seat option is available as a separate kit to upgrade already installed stairlifts.

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