OLD FORGE, PA (January 8, 2016)—Golden Technologies announces today that its newest lift recliner, the Golden DayDreamer featuring the unique PowerPillow and patented articulating headrest, is not only an award winner, but because of the contemporary and innovative design, is also already a retail success.

Golden believes that in addition to a truly unique lift chair design, retailers are looking for a product that has a vast market size. Retailers will find exactly what they are looking for with the DayDreamer because it offers an impressive margin. “Retailers are aware of the profits that various products generate per square foot, and the DayDreamer is recognized as being an impressive contributor,” said C.J. Copley, Golden’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Risk is limited with the DayDreamer because it requires little space to generate impressive returns.” Copley added.

In addition to the low risk associated with it, the Golden DayDreamer will be more desirable by more consumers as compared to most lift recliners – and there are good reasons for that. Golden has always been proud to offer free customized marketing services because they recognize that driving increased in-store traffic in turn drives increased sales.

Golden Technologies, headquartered in Old Forge, PA, is the world’s largest manufacturer of powered lift and recline chairs, and is an emerging leader in the global mobility products market. More information on Golden can be found on their website, goldentech.com