KELLER, Texas (February 28, 2018)—GCE Healthcare announced the launch of a secure online platform that will enable home oxygen providers to remotely monitor GCE’s Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator (POC).

Clarity uses smart, secure and connected technology to place a wealth of information at the providers’ fingertips 24/7, from an online device, wherever they are. The information ranges from flow to oxygen purity, device location and battery life. Providers can also give their patients and their families access to the platform, giving patients an extra support network.

The platform uses the cellular network and GPS in the POC unit to transmit data. This reliable system means home oxygen providers are not dependent on the patient having a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled phone.

With Clarity, providers can offer enhanced customer service at reduced operating costs. Using Clarity from a desktop or mobile device, they can easily check how well the Zen-O portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is working and get advanced pre-emptive notice of any issues promptly.

Donald Oleforo, GCE’s Group Product Manager, Homecare, said, “With Clarity, home oxygen providers can see how their Zen-O devices are performing, giving them visibility of their POC fleet and the ability to act if need be. It helps predict maintenance and proactive patient visits. This will help providers reduce their operating costs by planning their time and resources. They can then deliver improved service levels to patients and even better levels of care.”

Clarity also gives users, and their loved ones, reassurance and confidence because they can see how their connected Zen-O device is performing.

In developing the platform, GCE was conscious of the need for enhanced internet security and deployed best in class security protocols to transmit and store data. Any data between the connected Zen-O and the Clarity platform is also encrypted.

GCE has plans to roll out additional features that will give clinicians the ability to remotely gather clinical patient data and also enable its smaller Zen-O lite portable oxygen concentrator on the Clarity platform. For more information visit