SCOTTSDALE, Arizona—In honor of National Nursing Assistants Week, taking place from June 14-20, Executive Home Care is celebrating the dedication and significant contributions of its nursing assistants who provide essential care to the community.

"Our certified nursing assistants are the cornerstone of Executive Home Care," Kevin Porter, brand president, said. "They remain committed and compassionate, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of care, particularly during these challenging times. We salute their extraordinary commitment to serving our community this week."

Executive Home Care's mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive and compassionate care to its clients. This mission is carried out daily by the nursing assistants, who are the backbone of the services provided.

The homecare industry has seen significant growth over the past decade, with an increasing demand for quality homecare services. As the population ages, the need for compassionate, skilled nursing assistants is greater than ever. Executive Home Care said it is proud to be a part of this vital industry, contributing to the well-being of communities across the nation.

Among the franchisees acknowledging the importance of this week is Jeff Wolf from Executive Home Care Freehold, New Jersey who has been part of the franchise family for almost 10 years.

"Every day, our nursing assistants make a profound impact on someone's life. The work can be demanding, but the reward is immense," said Wolf.

Likewise, Tim Hayes another franchise owner from Executive Home Care Richmond, Virginia, expressed his gratitude, "Our nursing assistants are devoted individuals that are answering a noble calling. Within Executive Home Care, we create a supportive community that constantly nurtures each other and our clients."

In honor of National Nursing Assistants Week, Executive Home Care franchisees nationwide are hosting various events to celebrate their staff, including appreciation luncheons and recognition ceremonies. The company is also using this week as an opportunity to emphasize the ongoing demand for skilled, compassionate nursing assistants within the homecare industry.

"We want our certified nursing assistants to feel valued," Porter said. "Their tireless work, dedication and commitment to our clients are always recognized. They truly are the frontline heroes in healthcare."

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