HERZLIYA, Israel (December 18, 2020 )—Essence Group, an IoT solutions provider, announced it will showcase two advanced 5G-connected IoT devices at the upcoming CES that demonstrate the company's position at the forefront of 5G cellular connectivity, redefining security and personal safety.

The combination of these cloud-connected intruder prevention and personal emergency response systems provide early insight into how IoT service platforms, on 5G CAT-M networks, can reduce the need for in-home gateways, enabling fast and secure connectivity with services that improve the customer experience.

Building on Essence Group's market leadership for cellular-enabled personal emergency response systems, the all-new PERS 5G is the one of the first 5G-enabled system sfor the senior independent living sector. This advanced gateway provides activity monitoring, fall detection, and voice capabilities anywhere in the home. The 5G technology allows service providers and users to enjoy the highest levels of dependability and accuracy. Essence's PERS solutions are certified for professional senior care monitoring in the US, Europe and other major regions.

Essence Group is also presenting the Integrated FogShield, a 5G standalone solution for intruder prevention. The all-in-one security solution addresses the need to actively deter intruders from entering homes and placing people and assets at risk. The single device includes motion detection, video recording, two-way voice capabilities, and a smoke diffuser that fills a room with a harmless, yet disorienting, smoke that forces intruders out of the premises. Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, the system can be integrated with existing security systems, or used as a standalone solution.

Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and founder of Essence Group, said, "The innovations included in our Integrated FogShield and PERS 5G solutions provide a first taste of the tremendous opportunities for a new platform of interconnected devices utilizing the latest 5G infrastructure."

“We have a track record of providing pioneering solutions that tangibly improve people's safety, healthcare, wellbeing and, ultimately, peace of mind,” Amir added. “We are proud to be among the first to demonstrate what can be expected from a 5G-based IoT platform."

In addition to these solutions, Essence Group will showcase a selection of their personal health and wellbeing IoT solutions at CES from January 11-14, 2021.

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