MONTEBELLO, New York, BROOKLYN, New York—Empeon, a human capital management (HCM) platform for health systems, announced its partnership with Keeper, a leading earned wage access (EWA) platform for health care workers. The two software providers are joining forces to give health care organizations a powerful tool to combat chronic health care labor shortages and give health care workers more financial freedom.   

"The Empeon/Keeper relationship is based on our common goal of solving needs unique to customers in the health care industry with innovative, easy-to-use, automated payroll solutions," said Lipa Lefkowitz, CEO of Keeper.

Nearly two-thirds of health care workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. Early access to wages provides much-needed financial flexibility to caregivers. The benefit has also proven helpful in reducing turnover and extending the average tenure of employees in long-term care and home health.

"It's clear the team at Keeper understands the complexities of the health care space and is highly adaptive to change," said Joel Krausz, EVP of strategic operations at Empeon. "They do a great job of listening to customers and identifying actionable insights, which helps them continually improve their solutions and stay on the cutting edge of health care HR tech."

Thanks to the two platforms' integration, customers can automate the early payment request and payment delivery processes, freeing up HR staff to focus on more strategic and impactful functions of their job.