CLEARWATER, Fla. (May 7, 20200—Empath Health announced, through its Mission Services Organization, it is partnering with Catholic Health Services in Miami, Florida, on a large technology project that will benefit Catholic Hospice. As a long-term technology collaborator with Empath Health, Vology will also be heavily involved in this partnership.

“As the world of health care, and especially health care technology, continues to change at an extreme pace, we are excited to partner with Catholic Health Services to help it optimize its clinician experience and continue to maintain overall security of patient data,” said Rafael J. Sciullo, President and CEO of Empath Health. “Part of the Empath Health mission is to extend our services and care to as many patients, loved ones and providers as possible to enable extraordinary care. The world of healthcare IT is extremely complex and we know we can help other organizations navigate those complexities with our expertise.” 

“Catholic Hospice is grateful for the support and assistance of Vology through Empath Health. We are looking forward to a relationship that will better position our hospice IT services for interoperability throughout Catholic Health Services,” said Dian Backoff, executive director of Catholic Hospice. 

Lynne Craver, chief mission implementation officer at Empath Health added, “While our organization is a nonprofit integrated network of care focused on caring for anyone facing chronic or advanced illness, or grief, we’ve developed a close working relationship with Vology, a premier provider of IT services during the past six years. The relationship we’ve developed with Vology positions us together to bring world class IT services to providers with a keen eye on the special needs and requirements of healthcare. We believe this comprehensive industry knowledge is a critical component of IT and look forward to additional projects with Catholic Health Services in the future.”
“Vology has worked with Empath Health for numerous years on a broad spectrum of offerings—from hardware, software, security, field services and even CIO advisory consulting,” said Walt Walker, Chief Innovation Officer of Vology. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to take the experiences we’ve learned together with Empath Health and assist another healthcare and hospice organization with improving the infrastructure that aids in providing such special care to families and loved ones.”

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