Medicare and Medicaid Need Innovation
Trump’s HHS seeks to encourage health care competition. (Seema Verma/Wall Street Journal)

Last-Ditch Effort by Republicans to Replace ACA: What You Need to Know
Five things to know about the Cassidy-Graham bill in the Senate. (Julie Rovner/Kaiser Health News)

The Race Is on as Senate Factions Vie to Either Fix or Replace the ACA
Three separate legislative trains, one from the right, one from the center and one from the left, are running down Congress' heavily mined health care reform tracks, and it's not clear which one will reach the station. (Harris Meyer/Modern Healthcare)

Senate GOP Musters Final Push to Erase Obama Health Care Law
Senate Republicans expressed growing hope for a final push to scuttle President Barack Obama’s health care law, an effort that still faces an uphill climb and just a two-week window to pass. Adding more risk, senators would be in the dark about the bill’s impact on Americans, since the Congressional Budget Office says crucial estimates won’t be ready in time for a vote. (Alan Fram/Associated Press)

Nursing Home Disaster Plans Often Faulted as “Paper Tigers”
It does not take a hurricane to put nursing home residents at risk when disaster strikes. (Jordan Rau/Kaiser Health News)