Oldest Residents’ Safety More Vulnerable During Disasters
A look at the issues at play in keeping the oldest safe in the line of disaster. (Matt Sedensky/Associated Press)

Medicare for All or State Control: Health Care Plans Go to Extremes
In one Senate office building, some of the leading lights of the Democratic Party gathered Wednesday to embrace what was once a proposal only of the far left: a huge expansion of Medicare, large enough to open the popular, government-run health program to all Americans. (Robert Pear/New York Times)

Generator Companies Answer Thousands of Urgent Calls Following Harvey, Irma
People need electricity for their home medical equipment, and that message has come through in the calls for help the generator makers have received. (Rick Barrett/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

CMS's Proposed Home Health Payment Model Alarms Providers. Would It Boost Access for Medically Complex Patients?
The CMS has proposed the largest overhaul of Medicare home health payment in many years, out of concern that the current reimbursement system discourages providers from serving patients with clinically complex or chronic conditions. (Harris Meyer/Modern Healthcare)

Hurricane Harvey Proves to be Test for Telehealth Services
Satisfaction and acceptance of telehealth by Harvey survivors could drive further adoption of online health services. Harvey is a big test of telehealth reach that we’ve not seen before. (Rebecca Vesely/Covering Health)