Big Raises For Many Home Care Workers Won’t Necessarily Help Senior Citizens
In recent months, health aides who care for elderly Americans at home appeared at scores of rallies calling for better pay and workplace conditions. (Jane Gottlieb/Kaiser Health News)

How the Government, Payers May Start Judging Home-Based Care
Home- and community-based services could be better evaluated through quality measures in areas such as person-centered care and staff competency, an influential group has recommended to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)

Health Care Law’s Beneficiaries Reflect Its Strengths, and Its Faults
Most Americans get their health insurance through their employers or via Medicare or Medicaid. But millions who lack those options use the insurance markets set up under the law. (Abby Goonough and Reed Abelson/New York Times)

Pre-Claim Tests Home Health, Physician Relationships
As Illinois home health agencies have grappled with numerous challenges imposed by the Medicare Pre-Claim Review (PCR) demonstration, making sure home health can work hand-in-hand with physicians has emerged as an acutely important issue. (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)

Disaster Aftermath: Helping People To Ensure Medicare Benefits Continue
Disasters such as Hurricane Matthew may be hardest on older residents—who may not drive, have serious chronic health conditions or mobility problems. (Liz Seegert/Covering Health)