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Former HHS Secretary Tom Price Identifies Path for Moving Forward in Health Care Reform

One of the biggest challenges facing the health care system in the United States is that there isn’t just one system. There are multiple health care systems, and they are in their own silos. 
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Seniors Are the Health Care Industry's Gold Rush

Health care companies are rushing to buy or invest in areas that focus on the elderly population, as baby boomers are reaching an age when they require more health care services. )
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New Law Will Allow More Kentuckians to Visit Doctors Remotely

Under Gov. Matt Bevin’s new law, Medicaid and commercial insurance companies will have to pay for telehealth visits in a patient’s home. And insurers will have to pay mid-level providers, such as psychologists, family therapists and physician assistants for telehealth visits.
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Sprained Your Ankle? The Cost of a Walking Boot Could Sprain Your Wallet

Unless you've already had need of such equipment, chances are you have no idea how your insurance policy would cover the wheelchair, walker or knee brace you might require if you had a car accident or got hurt on the ballfield or tripped on the stairs.
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Cleveland Clinic Innovation Team Shares Strategic Formula for Tech Transformation

Wouldn’t you like a look inside the Cleveland Clinic’s innovation mindset? Attendees at the HIMSS and Health 2.0 Dev4Health event got just such a glimpse.
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