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A $4 Billion Bet for the Aging Population

Thomas DeRosa is making a $4 billion bet that he can build a national, low-cost health care network for America’s aging population that will succeed where so many other models have struggled. Continue reading this story from Reuters.

The Latest from the Trump Administration on Medicaid

The Trump administration will not approve state requests to impose lifetime limits on Medicaid coverage, breaking with conservatives who have pushed for the strict limitation. Continue reading this story from The Hill.

Young Adults Feel Stress of Long-Term Care

Most young adults haven’t given much thought to their own needs as they get older, but a significant number are already providing long-term care for older loved ones, according to a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Continue reading this story from The Florida Times-Union.

An Old Drug, But No Generic Alternative, So Prices Rise

Celgene has kept generic competition at bay by constructing an almost impenetrable fortress of patents and grants of market exclusivity around Revlimid, and its sister drug Thalomid, while also taking steps to ensure that generic competitors can’t get their hands on enough of the drugs to develop viable alternatives. Continue reading this story on wamu.org.

A Cancer Screening Flop: Few Smokers Seek Free Lung Scans

Lung cancer screening has proved to be stunningly unpopular. New research shows that five years after government and private insurers started paying for it, less than 2 percent of eligible current and former smokers have sought the free scans. Continue reading this story from The Bradenton Harald.

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