Vitamin E and Selenium Fail to Prevent Alzheimer’s
Some research has suggested that vitamin E and selenium supplements might lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, but a new long-term trial has found no evidence that they will. (Nicholas Bakalar/New York Times)

Video Help Is On Way For Family Caregivers Who Must Draw Blood Or Give Injections
Groups around the country are mobilizing to help family caregivers manage medications, give injections, clean catheters, tend to wounds and perform other tasks typically handled in medical facilities by nurses or nursing assistants. (Judith Graham/Kaiser Health News)

Medicaid Cuts In GOP Health Bill Could Reduce Services For Elderly and Disabled
Vital health care services for more than 17 million of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens could be on the chopping block if the Republican health care bill becomes law. (Tony Pugh/McClatchy DC Bureau)

I Do…Take You To Be My Lawfully Covered Health Care Dependent
Much of the focus in the “repeal and replace” debate has been on the 20 million Americans who have received coverage via state and federal health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion. But most Americans still get coverage from employers, and their plans now have protections that could also be rolled back. (Fred Mogul/Kaiser Health News)

NQF: 15 Home Health Quality Measures Should Be Axed
Out of 79 measures in the Home Health Quality Reporting Program, 15 are good candidates to be removed, an influential group of health care leaders is arguing. (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)