No One Wants To Be Old: How To Put The “Non-Age” in Nonagenerian
It never hurts to have longevity in your genes and few chronic health problems, but mindset plays a role in how people age, experts say. Some older adults have been termed “superagers” for mental acuity despite their years because the typical age-related decline in brain volume is much slower. (Sharon Jayson/Kaiser Health News)

This Cutting-Edge Bandage Could Make Flu Shots a Thing of the Past
For the first time, researchers have tested a flu vaccine patch in a human clinical trial and found that it delivered as much protection as a traditional jab with a needle. (Karen Kaplan/Los Angeles Times)

Seniors Miss Out On Clinical Trials
More than 60 percent of cancer patients are older adults—and that will rise to 70 percent by 2040. Yet seniors continue to be underrepresented in clinical trials, making it difficult to assess how treatments are likely to help or harm them. (Judith Graham/Kaiser Health News)

Former NBA Pro Now Plays Ball in Home Care
Professional basketball player Mustafa Shakur recently opened up his own home care franchise location in the Philadelphia area with Executive Care, a non-medical home care franchise company based in New Jersey. (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)

Q&A: What Does The Senate Health Bill Mean For Me?
Since Senate Republicans released the draft of their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act last week, many people have been wondering how the proposed changes will affect their own coverage, and their family's: Will my pre-existing condition be covered? Will my premiums go up or down? (Alison Kodjak/NPR Health Shots)