Trump Names Rep. Tom Price as Next HHS Secretary
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), a fierce critic of the Affordable Care Act and a proponent of overhauling the nation’s entitlement programs, to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. (Amy Goldstein and Phillip Rucker/Washington Post)

How Airbnb Is Helping Seniors Age In Place
The online peer-to-peer home-sharing network Airbnb is no longer just appealing to millennials. It is now a useful source of income for the baby boomer generation who want to age in place but don’t have the income in retirement to do so. (Alana Stramowski/Home Health Care News)

Alone And Aging: Creating A Safety Net for Isolated Seniors
The oldest boomers are now 70. With more on the horizon, the impact of smaller family size will become more pronounced: Baby boomers had fewer children than previous generations and significant numbers are childless, said demographer Jonathan Vespa, of the U.S. Census. (Sharon Jayson/Kaiser Health News)

House Overwhelmingly Approves Sweeping Health Measure
The House overwhelmingly passed a far-reaching measure on Wednesday to increase funding for research into cancer and other diseases, address weaknesses in the nation’s mental health systems and help combat the prescription drug addictions that have bedeviled nearly every state. (Jennifer Steinhauer and Sabrina Tavernise/New York Times)

Judge Hits Pause on Overtime Rule for Salaried Employees
A rule to extend overtime protections to an estimated 4.2 million salaried workers will not go into effect as planned on Dec. 1, as a federal judge on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction halting it. (Tim Mullaney/Home Health Care News)