Edgepark to distribute Beta Bionics’ new FDA-cleared device for those with Type 1 diabetes six years of age and older

TWINSBURG, Ohio—Edgepark announced it is offering the newly launched Beta Bionics iLet Bionic Pancreas fully automated insulin delivery (AID) system as part of its comprehensive diabetes management solution portfolio. The iLet does not require carbohydrate counting* and fully automates 100% of insulin doses. Designed for anyone six years of age and older living with Type 1 diabetes, it eliminates the traditional manual work previously involved with using an insulin pump.

“It’s deeply critical that our customers have access to the latest innovations that remove complexities to care, especially when managing a disease as complicated as Type 1 diabetes,” said Anthony Alvarez, senior vice president and general manager, Edgepark. “Edgepark is thrilled to offer the iLet as a first-of-its-kind device that uses automation to make diabetes simpler to navigate.”

The iLet automatically delivers basal, correction and meal doses based on a user’s own real-time health data, providing more freedom to the user in their daily life. The system also learns a user’s personal trends to adjust insulin, including how many carbs are normally consumed during meals, corrections needed and more.

A More Proactive, Simple Approach to Diabetes Management

Debra Brown, a clinical diabetes educator for Edgepark, said removing the need to carb count* or input extensive background data creates a more proactive approach to a patient’s diabetes management plan.

“Carb counting alone is very challenging and can be burdensome for patients,” said Brown. “The benefits to not having to count carbs and input programmed basal rates, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios or insulin sensitivity factors can have a significant positive impact to a patient or caregiver.”

Introduced initially in 2017, AID systems automatically determine insulin requirements and adjust insulin delivery based on glucose numbers provided by a connected continuous glucose monitor, also known as a CGM. For example, the iLet is compatible with the Dexcom G6 and G7 CGMs, both available through Edgepark.

While AID systems are not totally hands-off, iLet users only have to input their current weight and, at mealtimes, indicate if their meal had a normal amount of carbs for them—or less or more than usual. As with any insulin delivery system, users must also be able to load the insulin pump with insulin, insert an infusion set and troubleshoot when challenges occur.

“The first few months of using any new device is deeply critical to long-term success and adherence to that therapy,” Brown said. “Edgepark’s dedicated diabetes support staff is here for patients and prescribers alike to help as they get used to a new therapy or device.”

In addition to ongoing support, Edgepark’s simple order process helps patients navigate the complexities of getting prescribed a new diabetic therapy or device. Customers can browse all options available for diabetes management therapies and accompanying supplies on edgepark.com to determine what best fits their medical and lifestyle needs and understand upfront what their insurance plan will cover prior to ordering.**

“Our patients now have more options for diabetes management that provide greater peace of mind and flexibility on a daily basis,” Alvarez said. “Edgepark is also here to support our patients at every step of the way by removing some of the complexities of getting medical supplies through insurance. We handle everything from insurance verification and obtaining proper documentation from physicians to shipping so our customers can turn their focus back to their health and wellbeing.”

Once an order is placed, Edgepark works directly with the patient’s healthcare provider and insurance plan to verify eligibility, then ships product directly to their doorstep. Edgepark works with more than 1,900 health plans nationwide and all orders are eligible for free shipping. Edgepark customers can also enroll in the company’s ContinuCare program, which provides text, call or email reminders and an easy reorder process to simplify ongoing at-home maintenance of therapy.

In addition to diabetes supplies, Edgepark also supports patient's supply needs in several other categories, including ostomy, urology, sleep apnea and wound care.

*User must be carb aware.

**Edgepark recommends discussing treatment options with a health care provider before placing an order.