HOUSTON (December 8, 2017)—A new start-up company Easy Reach, LLP has developed the Easy Reach, an elevated toilet seat adapter with side-access that allows independence in the restroom for patients and prevents heavy lifting for caregivers.

The patented technology developed through a collaboration between Jason Derrington and the University of Southern Indiana will greatly enhance user care by allowing proper side-wiping techniques, and minimizing assistance needed. The patented urine splash guard prevents urine leakage and contamination, reduces the risk of slipping around the toilet while eliminating foul odors.

The Easy Reach has been designed to safely hold up to 600 pounds, and can be retro-fitted to fit any elongated commode on the market. It is positioned on top of a commode and mounted with your pre-existing lid on top of the Easy Reach, and mounted to any elongated commode with elongated bolts and wing nuts. The Easy Reach is now in stock, and ready to fulfill orders.

The Easy Reach’s prototype was stress-tested in an accredited laboratory and was used in a pilot study at Deaconess Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Evansville, Indiana. Bret Hirt, the Regional Director of Outpatient Therapy indicated that the Easy Reach helped the cleanliness of the area, and made it “easier on housekeeping.” He also noted that it required less assistance because the patient can be wiped from the side while seated instead of having two, or sometimes three aids to help assist a heavier patient. “It’s going to reduce man hours. It’s going to reduce our risk of injury,” said Hirt.

Visit easyreachtoiletseat.com for more information.