ORANGEBURG, New York—Durable medical equipment company Dynarex Corporation has announced Bari+Max, a new line of bariatric products.

According to the company, Bari+Max encompasses a robust selection of heavy-duty products featuring weight capacities of up to 1000 pounds. The line spans mobility, bathroom safety, long term care beds, home care beds, patient lifts and slings, and more.

“Dynarex Bari+Max products are specially constructed to accommodate the real-life needs of larger users and provide them with optimal comfort, safety, and mobility in clinical, long-term care and homecare environments,” said Heshy Grosinger, bariatric product expert at Dynarex.

With the bariatric patient population increasing across the United States, Dynarex created the Bari+Max line to meet the needs of larger users—prioritizing the safety of patients, caregivers, and medical providers.

The new line features bariatric equipment with higher weight limits, larger widths, sturdier platforms and heavy-duty supports, Grosinger explained.

“The welds for these items are reinforced and engineered for long-lasting use by larger patients," he said. "In addition, most of our Bari+Max products are designed for tool-free assembly and adjustments, providing time-saving convenience to users and medical staff.”

The company also said it is changing the standard practice of providing bariatric products on a made-to-order basis, instead keeping the full line available whenever orders are placed. 

“We are going to be one of the first companies to actually stock these products in all of our six national warehouses, and we will make these available through all of our distributors,” said Dynarex Vice President of Global Sales Bill Roberts. “Thanks to Bari+Max, medical equipment distributors will find it easier to provide their customers with the high-quality bariatric equipment they need when and where they need them.”