PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. ( December 10, 2018)—Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare announced the addition of the Low‐Height, Semi‐Electric and Manual Crank beds as part of the Premier Homecare Bed collection.

All three beds feature durable, heavy-duty, polyethylene molded bed ends that are embossed with “Head” and “Foot” to help ensure proper assembly. The bed ends are also compatible with existing full‐ and semi‐electric beds.

“Along with the enhanced molded bed end covers that provide a more homelike appeal, these new beds retain time‐tested design features and construction durability for long‐term use and dependability,” Joe Oberle, director, product management—homecare beds & patient room, said. “With a true ‘good, better, best’ homecare bed portfolio, Drive DeVilbiss continues to lead the way by addressing all customer needs and price points.”

Full‐Electric Low‐Height (15005LP)
Ideal for residents who are at a higher risk of falling out of bed, the 3‐Motor Full‐Electric Low‐Height Bed features quiet motors that smoothly adjust the head and foot sections and overall bed height to provide maximum resident comfort and ease‐of‐use for the caregiver. The low deck height can roll at any height (14.81” to 22.83”) or roll at low height only (11.81” to 19.83”). The height adjustment and head/foot deck motors come pre‐installed on the foot section and do not require assembly. In the event of a power failure, the top mounted Hi/Lo and manual cranks can override the sleep surface adjustments. An extension kit that extends the bed length from 80” to 84” is also available.

Semi Electric (15004P)
The 2‐Motor Semi‐Electric Bed features a large, durable hand pendant with user‐friendly controls for adjusting the head and foot deck sections simultaneously. The height of the bed can be manually adjusted using the Hi/Lo hand crank. An extension kit that extends the bed length from 80” to 84” is also available.

Manual Crank Bed (15003P)
Equipped with the features of a true split‐spring bed and the cost‐effective functionality of manual adjustments, the 3‐Crank Manual Bed is an easy‐to‐assemble, simple‐to‐operate and cost‐effective hospital‐style bed. The bed height and deck can be manually adjusted using the fold down hand cranks.

All bed packages include optional full or half rails and mattress combinations for easy ordering, and are capable of supporting up to 450 lbs. The reinforced bed frames provide superior strength and reduced weight due to their construction, while the spring deck is zinc‐coated to provide durability and to reduce corrosion effects.

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