NORTH BAY VILLAGE, Fla. (August 19, 2020)—Dr. Joint Care, a medical equipment company that specializes in orthopedic braces and diabetic supplies, is proud to announce the addition of two new products to its line of offerings: The FreeStyle Libre by Abbott and DR-HO'S Back Relief Decompression Belt. Both of these products may qualify for insurance, depending on the patient's coverage.

"At Dr. Joint Care, we're committed to serving our patients and improving their health. By adding The FreeStyle Libre and DR-HO'S Back Relief Decompression Belt to our line of offerings, we can further these initiatives through advanced, easy-to-use technologies."

The FreeStyle Libre allows diabetic patients to monitor their blood glucose levels anywhere and anytime without the hassle of a finger stick. It uses painless, affordable technology and provides quick results for accurate insulin dosing.

The FreeStyle Libre uses a small sensor that's easy to scan discreetly. It's smartphone compatible and water resistant, allowing patients to swim, shower, or exercise without removing the device. The continuous glucose tracking that The FreeSyle Libre provides makes it easy to see glucose patterns and trends. This provides information that makes managing diabetes easier.

DR-HO'S Back Relief Decompression Belt is a wearable, easy-to-use traction device used to manage back pain. Traditionally, this type of treatment was only available through a specialist, but now it's accessible to bring home today.

DR-HO'S Back Relief Decompression Belt provides lumbar support during rest or physical activities. It stretches the spine vertically, relieving pressure on herniated or degenerative discs. Additionally, when inflated, the belt provides structural support for the spine and back.

"We're constantly looking for innovative ways to facilitate the treatment of diabetes and orthopedic issues. The FreeStyle Libre and DR-HO'S Back Relief Decompression Belt provide safe, effective, and affordable care from the comfort of your home. We're confident that these new product offerings will assist patients in living an active lifestyle and getting back to their daily routines."

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