CHICAGO (March 17, 2020)—As cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to increase, in-home care providers need to extend their reach into the home to support quarantine management.The CDC has recommended that providers use technology and self-assessment tools with patients who can be cared for at home.

Dina, an AI-powered care coordination platform previously known as Prepared Health,provides remote patient monitoring technology, including quick access to data from people affected by COVID-19 who are outside of the acute-care setting. This includes patient self-assessments and assessments conducted by in-home or family caregivers. Data collected can be used for reporting and tracking trends.

“COVID-19 has created new urgency around what we believe is the future of health care: digital engagement, modern communications tools, and remote patient monitoring,” said Ashish V. Shah, CEO, Dina. “Time is critical and we’ve created a remote solution that makes staff onboarding quick and easy and requires minimal training for patients and families.”

Remote Monitoring at Every Stage of Care

Dina’s rapid response solution supports hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and in-home care providers as they continue respond to growing outbreaks across the country.Dina helps facilitate remote monitoring for patients and employees at every stage of care including:

  • Discharged patients post-COVID-19 infection who now require in-home care.
  • COVID-19-positive patients without life threatening symptoms who are under isolation but not sick enough to require hospitalization.
  • People with possible exposure who are under quarantine.
  • Self-quarantined or isolated health care workers.
  • Health care workers on the front lines of care who may not exhibit symptoms.

Patient Self-Assessment

Self-assessments from patients or employees are deployed in minutes through the cloud and via mobile devices. Features include:

  • Rapidly activate mobile- and web-based application to provide home or remote monitoring for health systems, patients and their families.
  • Remote patient and employee check-ins and self-assessments, including temperature and other symptoms.
  • Real-time communications between patients, health care staff and providers through our communication platform, secure messaging and HIPAA-compliant texts.
  • Escalation procedures to recommend telehealth visits or direct patients to appropriate locations for further assessment and treatment.
  • Management dashboards that report staffing levels, surges, patient status and system burden.

The technology helps providers manage large numbers of patients with minimal overhead, which is especially crucial if you’re experiencing staff shortages. The platform features rapid staff on-boarding, little to no training for patients and family members, and remote support provided by Dina. Visit for more information.