CHARLOTTE, NC (June 8, 2016)—The experts in specialty sleep comfort pillows, Contour Products is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the milestone of 20 million units sold.

Focused on continued growth, the company is ramping up its outreach to doctors and respiratory therapists to promote its CPAP pillow line, designed to increase CPAP therapy compliance by promoting sleep comfort and minimizing mask shifting, air leaks and facial pressure. This includes a Contour Referral Program for respiratory therapists that will be launched at the 2016 Sleep Show Denver, offering helpful information, samples and promotional opportunities.

“The importance of respiratory therapists and other medical professionals can’t be overstated. CPAP therapy only works when it’s used, and RTs can increase compliance by showing patients how the right CPAP pillow can help them sleep comfortably during therapy,” said Scott Davis, President of Contour Products.

The Contour CPAP pillow line includes these patented products:

  • The Contour CPAPMax Pillow—The versatile choice, adjustable to four different heights and featuring multiple options and features, including the choice of cool mesh and ventilated memory foam on one side and plush fiberfill on the other.
  • The Contour CPAP Pillow—The classic choice, with a contoured shape that works with any CPAP, BiPAP or APAP device and any sleeping position. A built-in tether helps control the hose throughout the night.

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