NEW YORK (July 1, 2021)—Empathy, a service platform helping families navigate the journey they face after losing a loved one, has announced a partnership with Compassus, a nationwide provider of home-based services including home health, infusion therapy, palliative and hospice care. Empathy’s offering will be available to the families of Compassus patients, offering both logistical and emotional aid to those grieving across the United States.

Millions of Americans lose a loved one each year, leaving many families in distress not just from grieving their loss but from the logistical challenges that follow. In the weeks and months that follow, families typically spend over 500 hours dealing with immediate needs such as arranging a funeral and validating a will, as well as long-term processes such as account cancellations, estate administration, benefit claims and property cleanout.

Combining technology and human support, the Empathy app streamlines end-of-life bureaucracy, minimizes tedious tasks and automates processes involved in the administration of an estate—freeing families to deal with emotional repercussions and to be there for one another. Empathy also offers human support to provide users both emotional and practical assistance, creating a hybrid experience to help families navigate arrangements and grief.

Compassus will offer access to Empathy’s digital companion application to families grieving after the loss of a loved one. Compassus, which provides a continuum of home-based care services from 200 locations in 30 states, is committed to delivering quality patient outcomes and increased access to families across its communities.

“We cherish the trust our patients and their families place in us to support their well-being throughout the end-of-life journey,” said Jim Deal, CEO of Compassus. “The set of Empathy services helps Compassus expand our commitment to provide a new standard of bereavement services, bringing even more emotional and logistical support to the patients and families we serve.”

“Logistics are made hard by grief, and grief is made harder by logistics. Therefore, we are confident that software can and will play a role in helping families deal with loss,” said Ron Gura, co-founder & CEO of Empathy. “Compassus is setting a trend that will hopefully drive a much needed change in the end-of-life industry at large. We are proud to partner with Compassus, a company that shares our vision to provide family-centric care to those in need."