NEW YORK (July 12, 2022)—Careswitch, a recent entry to the homecare software space, announced that it is adopting a freemium pricing model: its core agency management system will be free, while its premium payroll processing and other future offerings will require users to upgrade to a paid plan.

“Careswitch believes in being caregiver-first,” says Careswitch’s founder and CEO, Ilya Vakhutinsky. “This mantra influences every decision we make. My mother was a caregiver in the years after my family emigrated from Ukraine, and I saw the challenges of the job firsthand. I believe many of the challenges caregivers face can be alleviated by providing better resources (including software) for agencies, and I founded Careswitch to meet this need.”

“Freemium is common for business software outside of the home care industry, but it has yet to take off in home care yet,” said Connor Kunz, head of growth at Careswitch. “This is not only a proven business model but a highly successful one, and we hope that over time this will help modernize the ways technology is made available to home are agencies.”

Functionality in the free software includes essentials such as scheduling, care plans, team chat, visit verification and care documentation.

This shift in business model is important for several reasons:

  1. Homecare agencies operate on notoriously thin margins. One of the baseline costs agency owners must accept is the (often steep) cost of agency management software. This will significantly help agencies throughout the U.S. remove a roadblock to efficient agency operations. 
  2. Providers of homecare management software have traditionally followed a simple subscription model that charges based on hours, clients or employees. Access to premium management software for free is unprecedented. 
  3. Careswitch’s software has already developed a reputation for ease-of-use and simplicity. 

“Careswitch has been a breath of fresh air,” says Careswitch user Mark Jenkins, owner of At Ease Home Care. “Think Internet Explorer from 1995 vs. Google Chrome compared to what else is out there.” 

By helping agencies get employees comfortable with software more rapidly, the agencies can ensure outcomes like better communication and greater adherence to care plans. 

Careswitch has already made headlines; its leadership team led by Ilya Vakhutinsky won the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Award in 2020, and Careswitch has been covered in publications such as Newsweek and TechCrunch. With this latest change, the Careswitch team hopes to further advance its mission of supporting agencies and caregivers.

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