KANSAS CITY, Mo. (June 3, 2019)—Caresmartz, Inc., a homecare technology company, is now the official technology partner of FirstLight Home Care, a provider non-medical homecare.

Manipal Dhariwal, CEO at Caresmartz said, “FirstLight has proven themselves with their consistent quality support within the homecare industry. This strength is something very valuable to us. Being a technology partner of FirstLight is the evidence that we are moving down the right path with the right sets of strategies and goals. We will now be able to help more homecare businesses across the country and around the world with solutions that meet their needs.”

Perry Pruett, executive director, technology platform services said for FirstLight Home Care, “We are really impressed with the innovative solution Caresmartz has developed. We are often asked about a product that would help handle the challenges that popup in regard to invoicing, scheduling and client/caregiver management. We’re glad that we’ve found a partner to help us address these matters.”

FirstLight Home Care recently sponsored a national conference where Caresmartz had the opportunity to present the software platform and talk with industry experts about technology expectations in homecare.

Visit caresmartz360.com for more information.