DURHAM, N.C. (January 21, 2020)—In the Know Caregiver Training, a caregiver training provider, announced their partnership with Chef Beth Scholer of Caregivers Kitchen. Chef Beth’s groundbreaking Culinary Skills for Caregivers training series is now part of the In the Know online library and free for unlimited use by ITK subscribers.

“There aren’t many instances where training in nutrition or food safety is required for caregivers,” said Linda Leekley, founder and CEO of In the Know. “And when they are required, they seldom cover cooking for chronic conditions, meeting the needs of clients from different cultures, or keeping clients safe from foodborne illnesses.”

Caregivers Kitchen fills the skills gap created by the lack of regulation in this arena. Chef Beth’s cooking videos, quick tips, recipes, and more help staff learn to prepare safe and healthful meals, cook their clients’ favorite foods, and manage nutrition for chronic disease.

“We surveyed administrators from homecare organizations across the country about planning, preparing, and delivering nutritious, safe and delicious meals for clients,” said Chef Beth, Founder and Principal of Caregivers Kitchen. “It was no surprise to learn that nearly 90% of administrators reported that they had received cooking-related complaints from their clients.”

Cooking-related complaints are neither insignificant nor should they be taken lightly. Familiar foods, cultural favorites and holiday meals do more than feed the body; they provide comfort, decrease depression, help form bonds, and bring a sense of order to the world.

“In today’s ultra-competitive homecare environment, clients are more empowered and engaged than ever. They have choices, and they will talk to others in the community (and online) if they are unhappy about the service they receive from an agency, including issues around meal preparation,” said Leekley. “Agencies that utilize the Culinary Skills for Caregivers training series elevate and differentiate their brand in the community. Caregivers who receive the training learn how to meet (and exceed) their clients’ needs and expectations around nutrition, food safety, meal preparation, and mealtime satisfaction.”

Now, In the Know subscribers can choose from nine individual cooking courses, or take it a step further and become “specialized” by assigning caregivers a complete learning path. Learning paths in Basic Cooking Skills and Cooking for Chronic Conditions are available. Additionally, Chef Beth’s videos, tips and recipes are available for instant access through In the Know’s On the Go WIKI. Whether on the job or on the run, the On the Go WIKI gives caregivers instant access to essential resources right from their smartphones—right when they need it.

Visit knowingmore.com/caregivers-kitchen for more information.