CHARLESTON, S.C. (May 4, 2021)—Care at Heart has partnered with Axxess, a technology innovator for health care at home, to continue providing the highest-quality care to individuals and their loved ones living with advanced illnesses. 

Axxess has recently finalized and launched one of the industry’s first palliative care software platforms—an electronic medical record specialized not only for palliative care itself, but also for the physicians, nurse practitioners and other care team members who use it. The palliative care platform was conceptualized and built in collaboration with providers across Care at Heart’s service lines, but especially palliative care physicians from Palliative Care at Heart.

Dr. Sonali Wilborn, MD, MBA, HMDC, chief medical officer for Care at Heart, said, “It truly has been a pleasure to work with Axxess. Their commitment to innovation allowed us to create one of the first ever palliative care technology platforms and empowered us as providers to execute our vision from our perspective. They continue to be extremely responsive with any ongoing changes that might improve the provider experience.” 

The Palliative Care at Heart process is fully integrated onto the new platform. Both organizations have a vision of transforming the delivery of palliative care services and leveraging technology to empower all stakeholders to deliver exceptional care while putting patients and their loved ones first.

The transition has been seamless, and providers have found the tool to be efficient and user-friendly. 

Effective technological innovations like these free up physicians from antiquated charting processes and allow them to easily document and access their notes, creating more time for direct patient care and face-to-face interaction. 

Carla Davis, CEO for Care at Heart, said, “Our partnership with Axxess supports us in continuing to fulfill our vision. I am humbled to work alongside John Olajide and his leadership team to craft provider-friendly technology that enables the best possible care for our patients and their loved ones.” 

John Olajide, founder and CEO of Axxess, said, “When Care at Heart approached us for a partnership, I knew it held great promise to set a new standard for the industry. Carla and her team lead a world-class organization and as progressive organizations with complementary goals, together we can lead technological change for all hospice and palliative care providers.”

Ryan Klaustermeier, vice president of innovation for Care at Heart and leader of the Palliative Care at Heart initiative, added, “Axxess has been a dedicated partner, with genuine interest in learning our needs, listening to our feedback, and applying their skills to create a solution tailored to our organization. Instead of taking an existing platform and trying to make palliative care work inside of it, they allowed us to create a solution designed specifically for palliative care. Because of this, we will improve patient outcomes by focusing documentation efforts where they matter most, achieving efficiency and provider satisfaction through a user-friendly solution focused on the essentials. It has been a pleasure to work with the Axxess team. It is clear they value our partnership and are dedicated to helping us achieve our goals.” 

Care at Heart is planning to transition all its service lines—Heart of Hospice, Kids at Heart and Palliative Care at Heart—to Axxess’ technology solutions.

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