The next generation in enteral feeding, Kangaroo OMNI delivers nutrition and hydration from hospital to home

DUBLIN, Ohio—Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH) announced the U.S. launch of its Kangaroo OMNI Enteral Feeding Pump, designed to help provide enteral feeding patients with more options to meet their personalized needs throughout their enteral feeding journey.

Kangaroo OMNI is an attitude-independent enteral feeding system in the U.S. designed to deliver thick, homogenized and blended formulas. With a compact size for portability, the versatility to feed, flush and hydrate, and transmit a 30-day feeding history, Kangaroo OMNI aims to help meet the enteral feeding needs of patients and caregivers—from hospital to home.

"Product innovation plays an essential role in our portfolio lifecycle process. Kangaroo OMNI was designed to help improve the lifestyle of enteral feeding patients and caregivers through ease of use, intelligence, versatility and portability," said Kelley Moffett, senior vice president, Global Medical Products, Medical Segment, Cardinal Health. "Kangaroo OMNI provides patients and caregivers with the lightest, smallest and quietest Kangaroo feed and flush enteral feeding pump while delivering a wider variety of commercially available enteral formulas to the patient."

Kangaroo OMNI is the next generation in enteral feeding with new features from previous Kangaroo systems, including delivery of thick, homogenized and blended feeding formulas, interruption monitoring to display nutrition missed when the pump has been turned off and a night mode that darkens the pump screen in low-light settings to help minimize feeding disruption.

"Kangaroo OMNI has innovative modifications for improved ease of use and portability when compared to other Kangaroo pumps," said Seanne Wedman, a clinical products consultant with Cardinal Health Canada and a former nurse. "The compact size and portability of Kangaroo OMNI allows my son to be fed and hydrated while doing the typical things that kids do—like going to school, playing or vacationing with family."  

Wedman's son has been enterally fed since birth.

The Kangaroo OMNI Enteral Feeding Pump is also designed with the caregiver in mind, providing a familiar user interface to other Kangaroo pumps to help facilitate a smooth transition; the ability to withstand cleaning under running water as our most water-resistant Kangaroo enteral feeding pump; compatible accessories such as a pole clamp and table stand and can translate screen content in 19 languages.

For more information on the Kangaroo OMNI Enteral Feeding Pump, visit here.