BALL GROUND, Ga. (July 4, 2016)—CAIRE, Inc., a Chart Industries Company, has made major improvements to their AirSep FreeStyle and FreeStyle 5 portable oxygen concentrators.

Functionally, the power supply connections have been redesigned and will now feature a robust metal connector with no pins to align and no release button to press.

“The move by CAIRE to make this change is the culmination of feedback from our trusted providers and the patients they serve. They spoke and we listened,” said George Coppola, director of marketing at CAIRE, Inc.

A new, front-loading, user-replaceable battery and improved battery life gives the user the ability to stay active longer and offers the ultimate in convenience to both the patient and provider.

The new FreeStyle batteries still recharge on AC or DC or by utilizing an optional desktop charger, and now have a built-in gauge that can alert the user to its total charge available before use.

“The upgrade to include a user-replaceable battery allows users to charge batteries on the go for long durations without the need for a bulky air belt or external cartridge, allowing them to staying active longer,” Coppola said.

Aesthetically, the units have received a fresh, new color palette of light gray with blue accents that is more attractive to users. The black carrying bag includes a pouch for an additional battery and a new bottom loading zipper enclosure.

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