The original design was developed by the Air Force.

BALL GROUND, Ga. (August 8, 2017)—CAIRE Inc. formally announced the launch of the new SAROS 15 oxygen concentrator for combat casualty care at its respiratory Center of Excellence in Ball Ground.

The SAROS 15 is designed to replace oxygen cylinders and large oxygen generation equipment used in field hospitals, casualty evacuation, en route care and on the battlefield. Standing at 33 inches tall and weighing 46 pounds, the device was developed for the U.S. Air Force to generate up to 15 LPM oxygen, and operate via wall outlet (AC) power or by rechargeable battery power.

“Being able to provide a higher flow of oxygen to our wounded service men and women answers the highest call in our eyes. We are proud to provide this technology to support them when they need it most,” said Dan Van Hise, vice-president of marketing for Chart’s BioMedical Group.

This robust unit can endure extreme temperatures and harsh conditions of sand, dust, salt fog, vehicle and aircraft vibration, which are all common environments to modern military operations. Because of this, the unit is perfect for ground-based military medical assemblages, tactical combat casualty care, emergency and disaster preparedness, en route care, and reduces the burden of scheduling and transporting oxygen to patients.

“The SAROS 15 project is a direct response to the risks and logistical concerns that oxygen cylinders pose to our military,” said LoAn Mayer, director, product development. “Its simple and sustainable design eliminates the logistics of creating oxygen storage and filling tanks on a regular cadence.”

The SAROS 15 is not the first product developed in its CAIRE facility in San Diego, CA, for military applications. It follows the development and launch of the SAROS portable oxygen concentrator back in 2011. The SAROS portable oxygen concentrator, which offers up to 3 LPM, is globally used in transporting wounded soldiers because of its smaller size and weight.

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