ATLANTA (November 2, 2016)—At the “show within a show” on day one of Medtrade, a series of speakers shared specific business solutions at the day-long Brightree Summit.

During her hour-long presentation, Jennifer Leon, vice president, Brightree Patient Collections, pointed out: “Red Box requires a credit card for a $1.50 movie, so why do you send out expensive equipment without securing it similar to the way Red Box does?”

Leon told attendees that securing assets up front amounts to a form of insurance. “The last thing patients expect is for you to ask them to pay,” said Leon. “Auto-pay is our insurance. We must have it if we are going to get paid.”

In a presentation entitled, “Best Practice Workflow for Referrals: from Intake to Delivery,” Bob Shireman, vice president of Products and Solutions, Apacheta Corp (working with Brightree), told attendees: “The biggest benefit of mobile delivery is increased driver visibility. Through recent surveys, our customers have made it abundantly clear that this aspect is what they benefit from the most when using the Apacheta software. With greater driver transparency, managers have the ability to view exactly where a technician is in their route and gauge approximately how long each stop will take.”

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