Expert review allows changes prior to submission to CMS, reducing audit burden.

ATLANTA (July 17, 2017)—Brightree, a provider of cloud-based patient management software for post-acute care companies, announced the release of OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set) review to its billing and coding suite of services for home health and hospice agencies.

“Brightree has created a complete solution that verifies an agency’s coding and OASIS information together in one place rather than going to different systems and inputting data manually,” said Shaw Rietkerk, executive vice president and general manager, Brightree Revenue Cycle Management. “Having a single provider of software and services allows clinicians to increase productivity and margins, and decreases the time needed to submit claims.”

The integrated solution allows users to document and upload their patient data at the point of care and have it reviewed by Brightree’s certified coding and OASIS specialists for inaccuracies and regulatory and compliance requirements. For OASIS review, changes are suggested by Brightree before the home health or hospice organization submits documentation to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Home health agencies are required to electronically submit OASIS reviews to CMS within 30 days of completion date of a patient assessment or they face denied claims. Of 4.6 million claims submitted each day, roughly 10 percent of ICD-10 claims are rejected, according to CMS.

Brightree’s solution is designed to help agencies reduce the amount of time spent validating the accuracy of their forms, including managing the integration of ICD-10 coding into the OASIS review. By saving just one hour a day, home health and hospice agencies can save 260 hours or more each year.

“Many clinicians spend hours each day inputting insurance coding, struggling to ensure accurate medical coding and OASIS data collection because of staffing, certification and training concerns,” Rietkerk said. “With Brightree’s coders and OASIS reviewers, we remove these complications so agencies get the reimbursements they deserve and save time to focus on patients.”

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