THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.  (July 16, 2018)—Bonafide Management Systems announced optical character recognition (OCR) functionality. This technology allows customers to efficiently and instantly search scanned documents on the Bonafide system. OCR is included at no additional charge to Bonafide customers.

Bonafide’s OCR technology works by analyzing the structure of scanned documents. The technology is able to recognize elements such as blocks of text, tables and images. It can then identify characters and words within the scanned document. This search function eliminates data entry functions currently required in most durable medical equipment (DME) businesses, according to the company.

“We are adding this technology based on the fact that OCR will result in significant cost savings for our customers by reducing costly manual searches and manual data entry,” said Wayne Bailey, director of customer service at Bonafide. “With DME margins shrinking every day, we are dedicated to providing critical cost-savings opportunity with our software.”

OCR technology allows Bonafide’s customers to search all scanned documents containing a specific name, hospital, phone number, diagnosis code or denial description quickly and easily. The current work-around for DME providers is to manually add tags and descriptions to scanned documents, but these are often either incomplete or require a complete re-write of the scanned document.

“Our customers have thousands of scanned documents, none of which are easily available,” said Michelle Tohill, director of revenue cycle management at Bonafide. “Manually reviewing documentation is time consuming and unproductive because scanned documents are not dated or scanned in order and are not easily available. OCR will help our DME customers become more efficient in their documentation, compliance and billing activities.”

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