THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (October 18, 2019)—Bonafide Medical Group, a DME ERP software provider, and PlayMaker Health, a post-acute industry data solutions provider, are coming together to collaborate on integrated business growth solutions for HME providers.

PlayMaker Health's post-acute software delivers an in-depth view of the competitive HME landscape, helps identify high-performing referral sources, and provides tools for developing and strengthening relationships in the community. With the Bonafide-PlayMaker Health integration, HME providers align their market and growth goals with financial projections.

“The integration of Bonafide's ERP system for HME and PlayMaker Health’s data capabilities provides 100% visibility into service areas by leveraging the most current and comprehensive claims and sales data available,” said John Griscavage, chief executive officer of PlayMaker Health. “This gives HME providers the real-time business intelligence they need to increase sales and expand competitive market share.”

“Bonafide is excited to partner with PlayMaker and expand the tools our HME partners have at their disposal to grow their businesses, “ said Scott McDaniel, chief commercial officer of Bonafide Medical Group. “PlayMaker combined with Bonafide’s recent announcement relating to our solutions for HME providers that serve acute care, long-term care, and hospice settings, set Bonafide apart, and really give our DME partners an advantage in the communities they serve.”

PlayMaker Health and Bonafide have several integrated clients live and in the process of onboarding. HME providers interested in learning more about how this data integration can accelerate business growth are encouraged to visit the PlayMaker Health + Bonafide landing page to request a free demo.

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