MINNEAPOLIS and DANVILLE, Pa.—Best Buy Health and Geisinger announced that they will expand their work together to bring care to more patients within the Geisinger network.

Geisinger launched its ConnectedCare365 chronic care management platform in 2021 and has since enrolled more than 1,100 patients in remote patient monitoring programs for chronic conditions like congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, and diabetes. Patients enrolled in these programs receive devices—including blood pressure cuffs, body weight scales, thermometers and glucose meters—to monitor their health at home and transmit data back to their Geisinger care team through Best Buy Health’s care at home platform, Current Health.

Beginning in July 2022, Best Buy Health and Geisinger began deploying specially trained Geek Squad staff to deliver, install and activate these remote care management devices in a program that now involves 300 Geisinger patients. While in the home, the agents educate patients on the technology in their care plan, answer questions about the devices, explain how to use them properly and ensure they are transmitting data back to the patient’s care team. Agents also remain on standby to help with troubleshooting as needed and to collect and process all devices once the patient is discharged from the program by their care team.  

The results of the program so far have shown:

  • 50% reduction in the time from admission into the chronic care at home program to when device set up is completed and the Geisinger care team can begin monitoring the patient remotely. This is a reduction from an average of 96 hours to 48 hours. 
  • 19% improvement in how well patients follow their care plans by wearing and using their remote technology equipment more consistently.
  • 18% reduction in technical issues reported.

When needed, Geek Squad agents were also able to replace devices in the home within 24 hours of being reported. Patients had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Best Buy Health and Geisinger are looking to scale the way chronic disease can be managed at home. Together, they will design a package of technology and services to empower patients and support healthcare organizations as they operate their own chronic condition management programs.

“The results of our program show that when we combine what Best Buy is known for—technology support and expertise—with Geisinger’s best-in-class care teams and network of clinics and hospitals, we can make a meaningful difference in the patient and caregiver experience,” said Deborah Di Sanzo, president of Best Buy Health. “Geisinger has been incredible in this work and we’re very excited about our ability to scale these capabilities across the country to further Best Buy Health’s goal to enable care at home for everyone.”

“Health care is changing rapidly, and with those changes we are more focused than ever on moving care closer to our patients and members while simultaneously setting new standards for the quality of care they deserve,” said Karen Murphy, executive vice president, chief innovation officer and founding director of the Steele Institute for Health Innovation at Geisinger. “Working with Best Buy Health has allowed us to redefine the care experience and drive positive change in how care is provided and received.”