DALLAS, Texas (May 6, 2020)—Axxess, a technology provider for health care at home, is partnering with Hospice Pharmacy Solutions to provide Axxess Hospice clients a solution to streamline pharmacy benefit management and ensure compliance.

“Hospice Pharmacy Solutions delivers value to our hospice clients through clinical consultation, education and favorably impacting total cost of medications,” said John Olajide, founder and CEO of Axxess. “The company’s clinical pharmacists will serve as an extension of hospice teams, offering easy-to-use pharmacy benefit management services that support compassionate care and enabling more time to focus on patient needs.”

“Pharmacy benefit management is a critical part of hospice care, and we’re pleased to partner with Axxess to ensure its clients get the right medications at the right time,” said Len Schiavone, president of Hospice Pharmacy Solutions. “Axxess Hospice is a state-of-the-art solution created by hospice experts for hospice professionals and our solutions will make its capabilities even more robust.”

Among other benefits, Hospice Pharmacy Solutions will verify medication records and requirements for Axxess clients’ patients and assist with cost control while managing pharmacy needs.

Visit axxess.com for more information.