ATLANTA (September 12, 2017)—Managing compliance for sleep apnea patients and increasing resupply revenue just got easier for home medical equipment (HME) providers, as Brightree today announced automated resupply enrollment for patients managed by both Brightree and AirView by ResMed.

Now when AirView alerts the Brightree Connect resupply program that a patient has achieved compliance on positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy, the patient can be automatically enrolled into the Connect resupply program, saving the HME time, increasing their resupply revenue and most important, ensuring that every PAP user is getting the best therapy experience possible. This feature is available to HMEs that have integrated their Brightree Connect and ResMed AirView accounts.

“This is a huge time-saver for us,” said Mindy Carlton, HME business manager at Deaconess Home Medical in Evansville, Indiana. “This kind of automation helps us grow our resupply business and provide great patient care.”

Automated resupply enrollment is the latest in a growing list of features for HMEs using Brightree and AirView, the world’s largest remote monitoring network with more than 5 million patients. These other features also aim to maximize both patient and HME benefits:

  • Automated data entry while registering Brightree patients in AirView
  • Automated invitation for patients to sign up for myAir, ResMed’s self-monitoring app that more than 1,250 new patients join every day
  • Automated filing of AirView compliance reports in Brightree Document Management
  • Automated tasking when patients achieve compliance

“Automation is the key to driving a smarter, faster healthcare system and ultimately healthier patients,” said Matt Mellott, Brightree president and CEO. “We’re excited to give HMEs the power of automated resupply enrollment to increase their efficiency and revenues, and most important, ensure that every patient gets the supplies they need for the best possible therapy experience.”

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