LAS VEGAS (June 15, 2022)—The ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Group, a provider of software solutions for the complex rehab and home medical equipment (HME) industries, is now providing services in Canada. 

“Our mission at ATLAS Technology Group is to support the HME and rehab mobility providers with the tools and services for an enhanced patient experience,” said Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS TECHNOLOGY Group. “We are very excited to support providers and patients in Canada to receive the correct medical equipment and services in an improved delivery time.”  

Paul’s background in engineering and education set a course to create a seamless software that combines enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), along with process management and medical billing software into a single business tool built specifically for the HME and rehab mobility industry. A true provider tool built by a former provider with decades of Provider business operation knowledge and experience. ATLAS Enterprise Software was born from this vision and has become the most integrated CRM software solution on the market.

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