LAS VEGAS (March 1, 2022)—ATLAS Technology Group is uniting four key service entities that serve the complex rehab and home medical equipment (HME) Industries. The company will make its national debut to the HME and rehab mobility industry at Medtrade West in Phoenix.

“Our mission at ATLAS Technology Group is to support the HME/DME and rehab mobility providers with the tools and services for an enhanced patient experience,” said Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS Technology Group. “With this support patients receive the correct medical equipment and services in an improved delivery time.” 

ATLAS Technology Group services include; ATLAS Enterprise Software, Telehealth Clinical Evals, ATLAS Clinical Evals Software and ATLAS – FIOS Business Services. Each service group brings a unique perspective to HME and rehab mobility providers.

The ATLAS software combines enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), along with process management and medical billing software into a single business tool built specifically for the HME industry. 

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