NEW YORK (January 6, 2021)—ArchCare, the Archdiocese of New York’s health care system that every day cares for more than 9,000 seniors, the poor and persons with special needs, announced that it will install MedSign’s Qortex Telehealth System for all ArchCare Senior Life participants.
ArchCare Senior Life is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), a community-based health care model created for people 55 and over who require nursing home-level care but prefer to receive it in their own familiar home surroundings. Qortex is the first telehealth system that connects health care professionals to patients through their home television set rather than a computer or smartphone. The system was designed with seniors in mind for ease of use.
By allowing individuals to connect with their doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, therapists and other patient support personnel through their home TV set, Qortex will enhance safety and wellbeing for ArchCare program residents and in turn reduce unnecessary ER visits and admission to the hospital. In addition, the system enables video calls from friends and relatives to be received through the television set, which can lessen feelings of isolation and improve mental wellness.
“We are proud to be the very first health care system in the United States to roll out the breakthrough MedSign Qortex Telehealth System to all of our PACE participants,” said Elizabeth Rosado, Vice President of PACE at ArchCare. “Supporting the independence of our participants while caring for their physical and mental well-being is core to our mission and will be further enhanced with the Qortex system. The response from the pilot program with MedSign was inspiring, and we look forward to sharing this technology with all of our PACE seniors.”
ArchCare initiated a pilot program with MedSign in October 2020 in a number of PACE resident homes throughout the New York City area. Following positive data and survey results from the pilot, ArchCare Senior Life is now instituting an accelerated rollout. A specially trained MedSign technician will install the Qortex system in the home of each ArchCare Senior Life resident and will teach the patient and any family members or caregivers how to operate the system using the easy remote control specifically designed for seniors.
“The Qortex Telehealth System is an excellent clinical tool for ArchCare Senior Life,” said Dr. Michael Crismali, Medical Director of PACE at ArchCare. “This technology will reduce hospital readmission rates for our seniors, keeping them safe and well in the comfort of their own homes.”
“With ArchCare, we are excited to have found the perfect partner for the national launch of our Qortex TV-based Telehealth System.  MedSign supports ArchCare’s mission to deliver enhanced care and wellbeing with Qortex; a platform that provides unprecedented 24/7 virtual access to their seniors, by using what they know best … their own TV,” says Tom Conroy, MedSign CEO and Inventor of Qortex.  The adoption of Qortex Telehealth by even those who are technology averse is a testament to our design commitment of being ‘senior-simple’.”
The installation of Qortex systems for ArchCare Senior Life residents will begin in January 2021 and will continue until all their homes are Qortex connected.