BOSTON (June 30, 2016)—Software firm Orbita, Inc., announced its partnership with Awrel, which recently unveiled a HIPAA-compliant mobile and web-based messaging application for quick, easy and secure communication and collaboration in the dental industry.

Awrel’s Orbita-powered application aggregates data, streamlines workflow and enhances communication among dentists, labs, patients and other dental entities. The solution ensures HIPAA-compliant information exchange to safeguard individuals and organizations from the risk of fines for unlawfully sharing protected patient information.

“Thousands of today’s dental professionals are breaking HIPAA rules by texting patient data—and many don’t realize they are doing so,” says Awrel founder and CEO Arnold Rosen. “We are pleased to partner with Orbita to deliver a solution that not only provides secure communication, but also improves processes, outcomes and efficiency by enabling individual and group collaboration and secure storage of information, images and documents.”

“Orbita is the first company to deliver a complete cloud-based platform for smart, connected, collaborative health care applications,” said Bill Rogers, Orbita co-founder and CEO. “As health care struggles with an overabundance of data, complex government regulations and radical changes in digital technology, we see increased demand for remote care experiences that improve quality and reduce costs. Orbita is pleased to bring our innovative technology to a marketplace that is more than ready for this type of offering.”

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