WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 10, 2022)—The Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, a 501(c)3 research foundation, will operate under a new name—Research Institute for Home Care—and adopt a new tagline: "Advancing homecare through research." In announcing the change, the institute will focus on improving access to and delivery of care in the home by promoting research to inform policy and identify best practices and patient care models.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new era in homecare. Now, more than ever, people expect to receive quality care in their home," said Jennifer Schiller, the Institute's executive director. "Our organization wants to propel care in the home forward through the crucial research we fund. Our new brand identity positions us as a leader in this change."

As the field evolves, the research that the organization supports will play an important role in demonstrating the wealth of benefits that homecare provides to payers, providers, policymakers and patients. Some of its most recent impactful projects include:

  • The annual home health research grant, has funded eight projects in five years, which have served to improve care through pilot-based medical interventions, understanding the roles of caregivers and cultural diversity training, impacts of new models and regulation on care, and more.
  • The annual Home Health Chartbook, which provides a broad overview of homecare patients, the home care workforce, organizational trends, the economic contribution of homecare agencies, and data on 30-day rehospitalization rates.
  • The recent report, Exploration of the Value and Role of Home Health Care in Medicare Advantage, which studies the value of skilled home health care and the role of home health in an expanding the Medicare Advantage environment.

"As the chairman of the Institute's board of directors, and a provider in the field for many years, I'm excited for the organization's new brand," said Joan Doyle, CEO, Penn Medicine at Home. "It helps amplify the great work the organization has done for the last decade plus. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Institute has in store for the future through high-quality research and initiatives."

The institute takes a broad view of care in the home. It includes those services that allow someone to remain at home, including community-based services, skilled nursing care, therapy, hospice and palliative care, home-based medical care, and other professional support services that help keep people safe, healthy, and comfortable in their homes.

The institute considers sponsoring a wide range of studies that inform clinical and policy areas, including qualitative and quantitative, clinical trials, observational studies, and prospective and retrospective studies. Members play a decisive role in setting the organization's research agenda and determining which research projects are the most valuable for the field of homecare. 

For more information on the organization or to become a member, visit researchinstituteforhomecare.org.