This study was conducted by Nucleus Research

MONTREAL, Canada—AlayaCare, an end-to-end home and community-based care platform, published a report showcasing the return on investment (ROI) results achieved by its customer, North Country Home Services (NCHS). This study was conducted by Nucleus Research, profiling how NCHS uses AlayaCare through in-depth interviews and analysis to back up all results. Located in up-state New York, NCHS is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying homecare services to help its clients remain independent in their own homes.

In 2021 NCHS integrated the AlayaCare Cloud platform to take over end-to-end client management for its multiple locations in New York state. Citing return on investment of 172% with payback in 8.4 months, Nucleus Research’s analysis underscores the cost savings recognized by NCHS due to increased compliance, reduced paper processes and an uptick in streamlined operations.

“The findings in this ROI report commissioned by AlayaCare re-validated our decision to integrate AlayaCare Cloud to manage all the aspects of home-based care that North Country Home Services offers,” said Chris Czadzeck, chief operating officer at NCHS. “We were both pleased and surprised at how fast our AlayaCare investment paid for itself in under a year, allowing our care givers to provide an even higher caliber of care to our clients with insightful data, optimized visit allocation, streamlined payments and happier families.”

Having previously utilized another homecare software for billing and client related processes, North Country Home Services integrated the AlayaCare platform in 2021. The key motivator to move to AlayaCare was to realize productivity improvements, increased compliance capabilities and increase state billing collections. Implementing AlayaCare also resulted in an 84% reduction in bad debt that had accumulated at NCHS because of the lack of visibility from their older solution into outstanding invoices. Nucleus’ study shows during the first year of deployment, NCHS paid off its investment in AlayaCare in under nine months and is on trajectory to achieve 172% ROI over three years.
With constantly changing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), scheduling, billing regulations and compliance standards—NCHS said it chose AlayaCare based on its reputation rather than risking re-configuring its existing technology deployment. The Nucleus report was able to show the cost: benefit ratio for moving to AlayaCare over the totality of the initial deployment period (three years) to be 1: 2.5—or for every dollar spent on AlayaCare, NCHS is making $2.50 in return.
“One of the core pillars of AlayaCare as a technology-positive company is relying on data, measurement and analytics to help us and our customers provide better home-based care and services to our loved ones who wish to recover and age at the place they call home,” said Adrian Schauer, founder and CEO, AlayaCare. “This ROI report further proves the value and impact the AlayaCare Cloud platform can bring to homecare businesses of all sizes from SMB and independent agencies to enterprise and franchise providers.”

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